02 October 2019
Contest to win Iakob Gogebashvili Children’s and Youth Literary Award

Writers’ House announces competition to receive Iakob Gogebasvhili Children’s’ and Youth Literary Award. The award is given to children's writers, illustrators and authors of children's projects. 

 The joint award by The Ministry of Culture and Sport of Georgia and Writers’ House aims to develop children's literary processes, and to motivate and encourage contemporary children's authors. Establishment of this contest will promote creation of new children's literary works and will help to raise the literacy level of future generation.

Children's literary award is awarded once a year, for three different age groups: little children (3-6 years), children (6-12 years), adolescents (12-16 years). The award includes prize and monetary award. 


1) Best poetry book (1 award) 

2) Best prose book (3 awards)

    a) for little children, aged 3-6 years

    b) for children aged 7-12 years

    c) for adolescents aged 13 years an over

3) Best illustrated book (2 awards)

    a) for little children, aged 3-6 years

    b) for children aged 7-12 years

4) Best children's drama (1 award)

The works for this nomination - best children's drama will be presented according to different rule: since there are almost no children’s plays printed or issues as books in Georgian children’s periodical, the authors will have the opportunity to present the plays in electronic form.

5) Best debut (1 award)

The nomination will review a debutant authors’s book of different genres (prose, poetry, drama, painting)

6) Best translated children's/youth book (1 award)

The nomination will review foreign language books of different genres translated in Georgian (prose, poetry, drama)

7) Best children’s/youth innovative project (1 award)

The nomination will review the web sites, educational games, learning materials and applications created for children. 

8) Award for contribution to children's literature (1 award)

There is a 2000 Gel prize for each nomination, and 3000 Gel for the nomination – contribution to children’s literature. Prize for contribution to children's literature is Gel 3000.

Materials for competition will be received at Writers’ House (13 Machabeli St. Tel: 297 41 01; 297 41 02) October 7 till October 21st. The award  and a five member confidential jury will assess them. The award ceremony will be held at the end of December. 

Children’s/youth works published as books/electronic books in 2018 will be reviewed for the award (except nominations drama and children’s innovative project). 

First edition of the text must be presented for the award.

Only the publisher can present a book for contest and fill out the application (except nominations drama and childrens innovative project).

Please present your applications (and indicate nomination) and 3 copies of the book.

For nomination “children’s and youth innovative project”  the project authors mus send project description and web site address to the email: info@writershouse.ge

For nomination contribution to children’s literature, a children’s writer or poet will be awarded. The jury considers the writer’s importance and his/her contribution to the development of children’s literature. 

A five member confidential jury will be assesing the contest books. During evaluation the jury members consider / look at the relevance of books to the terms of contest. The jury retains the right to split the award in one or two nominations as an exception. In this case the monetary award will also be divided.

The winners will be revealed and awarded at Writers' House on December 16th, 2019.









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