28 February 2021
Museum of Repressed Writers

In 2021, 100 years after the Soviet occupation, a museum of repressed writers will open in the Writers' House.


In February 1921, the third day after the sovietization of Georgia, on February 28, the Georgian Revolutionary Committee handed over the house of Davit Sarajishvili to Georgian writers and artists at the initiative of Paolo Iashvili and by the resolution of the Central Committee of the Georgian Communist Party.


In the "Collection of notifications" of 1925-1926, published by Titsian Tabidze, we read: "The Palace of Arts was founded in 1921 in the first days of the Soviet Union. According to the appeal of the delegation of the Writers' Union, the Revolutionary Committee issued a special decree declaring the house belonging previously to the Sarajishvili family, and then to Akaki Khoshtaria, a Palace of Arts. "

Although the building was handed over to Georgian writers and artists by Revolutionary Committee, later, the same regime issued a verdict against writers and poets within these walls. It is therefore especially worth mentioning that a museum dedicated to the memory of repressed writers will be located in this space. The Museum of Repressed Writers will revive the existing memory of the victims of Soviet terror and the untold stories; It tells the story of the period, the context, and the mechanisms used by the totalitarian state to "tame literature."


The Museum of Repressed Writers is supported by "Tbilisi - UNESCO World Book Capital 2021".

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