16 August 2021
The winners of the exchange residency program have been revealed

At the initiative of the host residence in Spain, instead of one, two Georgian authors will participate in the program - Tea Topuria and Tako Poladashvili, will work in La Coruna for two weeks in October.

The winner of the Lviv residential program is Nana Abuladze. The writer will work in Lviv for two weeks in September and will also attend the Lviv Book Forum as part of her residency.

The partners of the exchange program are the Lviv City Council and "Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature".

Within the frames of the program, the residence of the Writers' House will host Spanish and Ukrainian authors.

The project is supported by "Tbilisi - World Book Capital"

The winning authors tell us about the texts they will be working on during the Residence:


Nana Abuladze:


“The Apocrypha” is a collection of five short stories. The purpose of the texts is to make the reader think about modern problems using a biblical narrative. These problems are: oppression, stigma caused by illness, mental disorder and copying with it, the impact of patriarchal norms on human sexuality and gender role. These topics are accompanied by other ever-present issues: the relation between faith and doubt, the confrontation between good and evil. Each story in the collection is an independent text, although together they also give us certain wholeness, as the motives and characters shift story to story.

The collection is also diverse in genre: one of the stories, "Lot's Wife", belongs to the genre of science fiction and depicts a dystopian picture of the future - according to this story, Sodom is a high-tech civilization that is being destroyed by ideological radicalism.


Tea Topuria:


This novel does not have a title yet. Its theme is life, people, a human being - people separately and in society, a person with another person, people hiding themselves, what they do not talk about and only know for themselves, and finally man as an ancestor of God. The novel describes the history of a small nation, the large part of which were forced to flee the conqueror and relocate, in the old, historical era. The story of the novel is then divided into two parts, the exiles who begin a difficult but new life, and the rest who degrade under the invaders and, against the backdrop of constant nostalgia and nihilism, manage to virtually only exist.


Tako Poladashvili:


The novel with the working title "Book of Bones" belongs to the genre of magical realism. In a seemingly familiar environment, unbelievable events happen to the characters. The protagonist of the story is a young girl who goes town to village with one purpose: to fulfill her grandmother's last wish. Arriving in the village, on the day of her funeral, she has another impossible mission to fulfill: find his grandmother's missing body. The search process is full of obstacles, the protagonist is left alone and her life seems to echo the past events she is trying to explain and due to which she became a bone collector.




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