02 February 2016
Writers’ House has reclaimed David Sarajishvili’s dinner-set

Writers’ House has reclaimed David Sarajishvili’s dinner-set made on special order by Haviland Limoges. Each piece of the set bears the monogram of David Sarajishvili, also found at the main entrance door of his house at 13 Machabeli Street.

Prominent American businessman and porcelain manufacturer David Haviland moved his business to Limoges, France in 1840-ies and started to produce even more refined quality products. Later, in 1890-ies David Haviland’s successors established the largest porcelain industry in Limoges.

Their customers were Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle, Jacques Chirac and many more. In different years many famous artists collaborated with Limoges company, including Vassily Kandinsky and Salvador Dali.

The dinner-set was purchased a private owner and in the future it will be displayed in David Sarajishvili’s museum.   

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