08 November 2016
Era of Ekaterine Porakishvili

On November 12, at 17:00 the Writers' House will celebrate the day of David Sarajishvili.

This year, we are honoring Ekaterine Porakishvili, the wife of David Sarajishvili, herself a big philantropist and businesswoman.

Ekaterine, together with her husband was the initatior and organizer of all the great deeds that the couple has implemented during their lifetime. After the death of David Sarajishvili she took over the brandy production and all other businesses of her husband and completed them successfuly. She was an example of one of the first successful feminists and entrepreneurs of the early 20th century Georgia.

Philosopher Lela Gaprindashvili will give a lecture about the feminists of early 20th Century Georgia, while philologist and researcher Rusudan Margishvili will talk about Ekaterine Porakishvili and her era. A photo exhibition of portraits of 20th century Georgian feminists will be organized during this week at Writers' House.

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