04 October 2014
The literary competition “Our Adventures” has ended

A joint project of Children and Youth National Center and the Writers’ House of Georgia – “Our Adventures” has been concluded. On 1st of October the contestants, organizers and the guests gathered at Alexandre Chavchavadze house museum in Tsinandali. Every participant was given a certificate, a poster and the last three issues of LIteraturuli Gazeti, afterwards the jury members / the judges revealed their choices.

Teona Dolenjashvili’s chosen writers were Lizi Budaghasvhili (story “Zhana”, Tbilisi), Lela Totadze (story “You can’t even name it”, Tbilisi). Giorgi Lobjanidze named three writers  – Temur Zoidze (story “Zu”, Khulo), Magda Saginashvili (story “My city’s Alexandro”, Sagarejo), and Gaga Guliashvili (story “Earring”, Rustavi). Giorgi Lobjanidze offered  all the three contestants future partnership in the magazine Afisha of Caucasian House.  Irakli Javakhadze’c choices were Lizi Budaghashvili (“Zhana”) and Tamta Gventsadze (“My adventure”, Tbilisi), their stories will be published in Literaturuli Gazeti’s October issue and they will receive their first honoraria. Tina Mamualshvili director of Bakur Sulakauri publishing, the competition partner, named her choices as well -  Temur Zoidze and Magda Saghinashvili; they were given books by Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, among them books signed by Aka Morchiladze.

Lizi Budaghashvili was given a special prize, she was presented with a 70 gel voucher, along with books. The competition sponsor “Elite Food” gave the gifts to the jury as well, and named their choice – Aitach Mamedova (story “Yellow. . . orange leaves” Gardabani). Literature lovers will be able to read the young talented writers’ works in the book that will be published at the end of the year.

After Tsinandali event, the young contestants visited the Writers’ House they met Dato Gabunia, a playwright and the winner of this year’s literary competition Saba. Dato Gabunia provided a little excursion for young guests - he told the story of the Writers’ House, about the writers who worked there, showed the interior and many old items that have historical value, and are being restored at this moment. Davit Gabunia also talked about the philanthropist Davit Sarajishvili and gave guests the books about the story of this great Maecenas. At the final stage of the project one of the judges Teona Dolenjashvili organized a work group and together with young writers once again assessed the works created in Tsinandali. 

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