06 December 2016
"Litera" - joint literary award by Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and Writers' House

Writers' House announces competition for "Litera" award in 5 nominations:

  • Year's best prose collection / novel
  • Year's best poetry collection
  • Year's best documentary prose
  • Year's best book design
  • Year's best debut

The winner in each nomination will receive monetary award - Gel 4000.

The competition will review original Georgian works published in 2016 either as a book or electornic book. The first edition of the book must be presented for the award. Only the publisher can present a book for the award. Publishing houses can present up to 5 books for each nomination. Confidential jury consisting of 5 members who have been ed by the Writers' House will assess the works of contestants. The composition of jury will change every year and will include those authors, whose work will not be presented at the award that year. The winner will be revealed through anonymous voting. The jury retains the right to allow one-time splitting of the award, as an exception, in this case the sum of money will also be split. 

Deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2017. 

The jury will present shortlist in the beginning of April. The winners will be announced on April 25-30. 

For futrher information contact us at: 13 I. Machabeli St. Tel:  +99532 297 41 01; 297 41 02


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