06 December 2016
Writers' House announces competition for Children's Literary Magazine

Writers' House announces competition for children's literary magazine.

Aim of the competition is to reveal children's literary works and promote popularization of reading among children.


Terms of the competition:

Legal entities that issue literature periodicals and have minimum one year of work expeirence in this field, are eligible to apply.

The presented project must meet the following criteria:

  • Children's mliterary magazine must be educational, illustrated and mus hava high plygraphic quality
  • 70 % of the texts in the magazine must be Georgian works, 30 % can be translated, international literature
  • the target audience of the children's agazine mus be children aged 3-10
  • All rights must be reserved
  • It is desirable that the organization presenting the project has co-funding;

The winner will be revealed by the 7 member jury (supervisory board of the Writers' House). The decision will be made according to the majority of votes.

  • Contract terms: 

After identifying the winning project, Writers' House will draw up a contract with the winner organization.

For additional information on application process and documentation contact us: 13 I. Machabeli St. Tel:  +995 32 297 41-01/297 41-02;

The budjet ofchildren's literary magazine is Gel 50 000


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