19 April 2017
Shortlist of Litera Award

The shortlist of Litera Award, a joint award by Writers' House and Ministry of Culture and Sport of Georgia, is revealed. Confidential jury named the finalists in 5 nominations.

The finalists of 2017 Litera Award are:


Best debut

Tamar Tandashvili, “Storm of an orange dandelion”, Siesta Publishing

Zura Abashidze, “How to kill Billie Elliot”, Book in Batumi Publishing

Giorgi Shonia Hans Promwell's "fabrication". Intelekti Publishing;

Beka Akhalaia “for these leaves that paid their debt”, Intelekti Publishing

Tamar Subeliani “The fish eat the river”, Books in Batumi Publishing


Best poetry collection

Nugzar Zazanashvili “Mechanic grand piano”, Diogene Publishing

Eka Kevanishvili, “Evacuation plan”, Books in Batumi Publishing

Lia Liqokeli, “the rule of being a girl”, Karchkhadze Publishing

Temur Chkhetiani, “the height of grass”, Artanuji Publishing

Vakhtang Javakhadze, “Elegy etc.”, Intelekti Publishing

Lia Sturua “Wolf’s clock”, Intelekti Publishing 

Tariel Chanturia, “Black box of love”, Intelekti Publishing


Best prose collection / novel

Aleko Shugladze, “Hiding”, DIogene Publishing

Otar Jirkvalishvili,”Lazarus”, Palitra L Publishing

Archil Kikodze, “The Southern Elephant”, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing 

Guram Gegeshidze, “Natliskroba” Intelekti Publishing

Rezo Tabukashvili “13 days” Intelekti Publishing

Tea Topuria, “Two rooms in Kairo”, Intelekti Publishing

Irakli Samsonadze, “Kelekhi in the wind”, Intelekti Publishing

Toresa Mosi “Being”, Intelekti Publishing 


Best documentary prose

Rostom Chkheidze, “Portrait of Odysseus’s youth”, Chveni Mtserloba Publishing  

Givi Alkhazishvili “Dead by crime”, Kalmosani Publishing

Zaza Bibilashvili, “Poetry, other literature, other”, Saunje Publishing

Zaal Samadashvili “Followed by the writing of pen” Intelekti Publishing  

Gia Bughadze, “200 stories about painting”, Artanuji Publishing

 Gaga Nakhutsrishvili, “122 Barnov St.”, Intelekti Publishing

 Dato Kardava, “Predators in urban environment”, Intelekti Publishing

 Bela Chekurishvili, “Stories along Rhine”, Intelekti Publishing

Diana Anphimiadi, “Prediction by muraba” Books in Batumi Publishing


Best book cover design 

Daniel Keyes, "Flowers for Algernon", design: Natalia Avaliani

D. B. C. Pierre “Vernon Gdo LIttle”, design by Giorgi Maghradze

Khaled Hosseini “The Kite Runner”, design by Teona Chanishvili 

Fank Herbert, “Dune”, design by Natalia avaliani and Natia Zarandia 


The Ministry of Culture established the new literary award Litera together with Writers’ House in 2015.

The goal of this award is encouragement and promotion of literary processes in the country. This contest, along with other awards will contribute to the authors’ motivation for writing and development. 

All original literature pieces published as books or electronically in 2016 were eligible to participate in contest. Out of 98 submitted books, 33 reached the final stage.   

Each winner of Litera award will be granted a monetary prize of 5000 Gel.

 The winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony on 27th of April, at Writers’ House.






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