02 June 2017
Iakob Gogebashvili Children's Literary Award

Writers' House calls for applications to receive an Iakob Gogebasvhili Children's and youth literary award. The award will be given to children's writers, illustrators and authors of children's projects. 

It is the first time that children's and youth contest is being announced for authors and illustrators. The joint project of the Ministry of Culture and Writers' House aims to develop children's literary processes, and to motivate and ecnourage children's authors. Establishment of this contest will promote creation of new children's literary works and will help to raise the literacy level of future generation.

Children's literary award will be awarded once a year, for three different age groups: little children (3-6 years), children (6-12 years), adolescnets (12-16 years). The award will present a prize and monetary award. 


1. Best poetry book (2 awards)

2. Best prose book (3 awards)

3. Best illustrated book (3 awards)

4. Best children's dramatic composition (1 award)

5. Best youth project (1 award)

6. Best debut (1 award)

7. Best translated children's/youth book (1 award)

8. Award for contribution to children's literature (1 award);


The prize for each nomination is Gel 2000. Prize for contribution to children's literature is Gel 3000.

The works for contest will be accepted at Writers' House (13 Machabeli St. Tel: 297 41 01; 297 41 02) June 1st till September 10th, and will be evaluated by a 5 member confidential jury. 

For further information please contact us at Writers' House



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