13 June 2017
Let's reclaim Davit Sarajishvili's furniture together!

The bulding the Writers' House is located was built in 1905 at 13 Machabaeli street, and is a very important place for Tbilisi's architecture and history. Davit Sarajishvili built this house at the 25th anniversary of his marriage and dedicated it to his wife Ekaterine Porakishvili. During difficult times many things seurvived - furniture, dishes, accesories, however many things were lost as well. The administration of Writers' House tries to reclaim Davit Sarajisvhili's belongings. in 2016 we managed to reclaim a specially ordered dinner set at Haviland Limoges factory, private collection. 

The main part of the house has been restored. Recently we finished rehabilitation of the so called Eastern room. In 2018 we will open Davit Sarajishvili's memorial museum.

This photo, taken by Dimitri Ermakov in 1905, shows a room on the second floor of Davit Sarajishvili's house. The furniture in the room is currently in private collection and is on sale for USD 20 000. Writer's House can't pay this sum of money alone, however we wish to return the scattered belongings to the house and preserve them for future generations. 

We decided to try and collect money with the help of people who think that Davit Sarasjishvili's legacy and this historical building are important. We believe in you and believe that we can scucceed!

Even one GEL donated by you is important to us. Hopefully we will manage to collect the money and Davit Sarajisvhili's furniture will return to his house, to the memorial museum. 

Our requisites:

Receiver bank - National Treasury

Name of receiver - treasury's united account

Bank code - TRESGE22

Receiver account / trasury code - 707607509


Thank you in advance!

Administration of Writers' House


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