13 December 2017
Fundraising for David Sarajishvili furniture

The building constructed in 1905, at 13 Machabeli St, the current location of Writers' House, is a very important site for Tbilisi's architecture and history. Davit Sarajishvili built this house at the 25th wedding anniversary and presented it to his wife Ekaterine Porakishvili. Many things survived the time - furniture, dishes, accesories, however many items were lost as well. The administration of Writers' House tries to reclaim Davit Sarajishvili's belongings. In 2016, we managed to get back the dinner set, made on special order at "Haviland Limoges" factory, a private owner. 

The restoration of the building's main part is already completed. Currently we finished restoration of the so-called Eastern room. in 2018, we will open a Davit Sarajishvili memorial museum. 

This photo, taken by Dimitri Ermakov in 1905, shows one of the rooms on the second floor of Davit Sarajisvhili's house. The furniture in the photo - cupboard, table, chairs, are currently in the private collection and are for sale for USD 20000. Writers' House alone cannot pay such sum of money. However it is our great desire to return these items to the house and to preserve them for future generations. 

We decided to try and collect this money with the help of those who think that the memory of Davit Sarajsvhili and this historical building are important. We believe we can make this happen!

Every single Gel donated by you is important. We hope to collect money and to return this furniture to Davit Sarajishvili's house, to the memorial museum. 

Our bank account:

Receiving bank - TBC Bank;

Bank code - TBCBGE22

Account number: GE37TB7227136080100004


We thank you in advance!

Administration of Writers' House. 

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